Acilux® Shine

Worktops have enjoyed great popularity for a number of years, as they are ideal for modern environments and are suitable for kitchens of any size. The silky shiny surface of Acilux® Shine expands the range of glass tops and backsplash panels Acilux® and Acilux® no - scratch and is especially suitable for printed and enameled surfaces with brilliant colors. Thanks to its unique transparency and velvety, the beauty is maintained throughout life, it is easy to care for and an excellent choice to add a touch of class and shine to your kitchen. Acilux® Shine tempered worktops and backsplash panels are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent. They have the Galvodur® quality mark certification. In addition, glass is 100% reusable and the most hygienic surface for kitchens.

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Metallic colors

Pietre e Marmi
COD. 11A002 Bardiglio nuvolato
3600x2400 mm
COD. 11A006 Breccia oniciata
3600x2400 mm
COD. 11A007 Calacatta Bookmatch
3600x2400 mm
COD. 11A009 Calacatta manhattan
3600x2400 mm
COD. 11A016 Onice miele Bookmatch
3600x2400 mm
COD. 11A017 Onice sultano Bookmatch
3600x1874 mm
COD. 11A020 Portoro brecciato
3600x2400 mm
COD. 11A025 Travertino classico
3600x2400 mm

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