Galvolam Grid

Galvolam® Grid expands its collection with the new metallized nets in texture 55 and 45: the metallized micro nets in texture 55 combined with glass are usually used for kitchen splashbacks and furniture, while for doors and partition walls the texture 45 gives the right effect of transparency and brightness sought after.

Colours and features

The nets are available in five different metallisations: gold, silver, bronze, copper and graphite. The weight of the nets is three times less than that of the metal. 

Technical features

Galvolam® Grid is a laminated glass of the latest generation. It can consist of two or more glass plates. The glass plates are bonded with safety films which are highly resistant to tearing. The structure of Galvolam® can be adapted to the respective safety requirements, depending on the intended use. In case of breakage, the glass fragments are retained by the safety film and do not scatter into the surrounding environment.


The new Galvolam® Grid collection has been developed for the production of various interiors products such as: 

• Kitchen splashbacks

• Kitchen and Bathroom doors and furniture

• Doors

• Partition walls

• Interior Design

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