Hinge GS 3000 Soft ®

The 125° mirror door hinge with integrated Soft-close damping and tool-free installation.

GALVOLUX has the perfect movement for almost all glass applications - The GS 3000 Soft offers ideal features for versatile use in bathrooms and living areas as well as interior fittings.

The unique integrated and invisible damping system of the GS 3000 Soft with Tiomos technology smoothly brakes the movement and draws the glass door closed comfortably and silently.

In addition to its many special functions, timeless design and unique character, GS 3000 Soft offers stepwise adjustment of the damping level. The action of the Soft-close damper can be easily adjusted to individual requirements – a turn of the lever is all that is needed.

The hinge is available as GS 3000 Soft with damping and as GS 3000 without damping.

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