LCD Glass

LCD Glass: High-tech smart glass for Privacy

By combining glass properties with new technologies, we are able to create unique and innovative products for architectural, interior design, furniture, nautical and transport applications.

LCD Glass, also defined smart glass or switchable glass, very sought after for its design, allows you to control the exposure to light without removing the visibility.

Thanks to PDLC technology it can switch rapidly from ON (transparent) to OFF (opaque), for dynamic control over privacy. When switched OFF the liquid crystals are arranged in a random, unordered fashion: the glass is opaque, screening what lies behind it from view. When switched ON, the electrical current makes the molecules align neatly, and the glass becomes transparent.

Its variety and flexibility mean it can be used in a vast range of different contexts like: private houses, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, banks, hospitals, clinics, dental studios, laboratories, museums, theatres, universities, shops, exhibitors, nautical and much more.

Characteristics: our glasses can be personalized to the millimeter in size, and they are available in a various range of colors and types.

LCD glasses protect against UV rays, guarantee an instant and silent state change, offer high acoustic properties, zero maintenance and low power consumption.

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