The sophisticated new engraving technique G-Laser® of Galvolux allows to reproduce vector graphics and high-resolution images on the glass surface or inside the glass itself.

By engraving within the glass it is possible to reproduce three-dimensional images.

This new technique may be also be used in combination with the other techniques for glass processing offered by Galvolux, thus providing a multitude of decorative and refining solutions.

Glass which are personalized with G-Laser® within the glass and illuminated with LEDs allow you to create incredible effects and a unique atmosphere. Get ready to be amazed by this innovative technology that opens new and unexplored horizons.

Thanks to a special G-Laser® engraving glass stairs and glass floors get a non-slip surface.

Fields of application: living room, kitchen, bathroom, shower, partitions, doors, parapets, stores, interior design of hotels and restaurants, signage, decoration, combination possibilities with LED lighting elements.

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