Vitrages pour Balcons, Vérandas et Jardins

This is a new way of conceiving the space in transparency and elegance: the most common system in the countries of Northern Europe for the protection of external environments.

With the patented system of sliding and rotating windows you can live the open spaces longer, protecting balconies, verandas, terraces and porches from wind, weather and annoying noise.

The product's advantages:

Making the most of spaces and creating different environments

The internal partition allows you to dissect spaces, according to your needs, in the highest acoustic and thermal comfort, while maintaining light and visibility. Ideal for offices, to divide rooms and create environments, such as walk-in closet, laundry or anti-bathroom.

Weather protection without compromising light and visibility and with full opening in summer

Windbreak system, for quick and timely protection from the weather without compromising brightness. System for the terrace and balcony, which adapts to any shape and segmented plan, with the possibility of total opening in the hottest periods, avoiding the encumbrances of a traditional structure.

Expand or create environments for your local/restaurant/spa

It is possible to expand the spaces, to adapt to a greater demand of seats, for example during events, or to create new spaces, according to the core business or to the needs of the clients, such as a breakfast room for the B&B, a SPA, a smoking room or a children’s area.

Barrier shivering

The disappearing sliding glass represents a technological and aesthetic innovation for the protection of outdoor spaces. The system consists of thin horizontal aluminum guides that allow the sliding of the vertical elements, made up of hardened and transparent safety crystals of a thickness of 10 mm.

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