Galvolux, which is active today in the interior design and building sector, was founded in 1900 as a "manufacturer of mirrors". It has evolved over the years and today it has become one of the predominant companies as far as consultancy and the distribution of high-quality materials and innovative solutions are concerned.

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16 April 2024
Automation and Security - Raiffeisen Bank Project, Savosa

Automation and Security - Raiffeisen Bank Project, Savosa

This project, overseen by the Celoria Architects studio, involved the installation of various types of Galvolux automatic doors.

  • Two-panel angular sliding interior door - escape route: The angular sliding door is an original entrance, adding value to the beauty and functionality of an entrance, in environments such as banks, where entry and exit flows need to be regulated. 
  • Thermcord external/internal two-leaf linear sliding door - escape route: The Thermocord external access with thermal break profiles is composed of a two-leaf linear sliding door. The bank entrances are designed to create anti-panic spaces: in case of emergencies this type of door, equipped with an escape route/RED system, allows people inside the area to evacuate.
  • Fireproof compartmentalisation door for garage areas: this sliding door in fire class EI30 certified VKF, compartmentalises spaces and defends them in the event of a fire, guaranteeing the safety and orderly evacuation of the people present.

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01 March 2024
Sliding and stackable partition walls for dynamic and flexible spaces.

Sliding and stackable partition walls for dynamic and flexible spaces.

Come and discover the innovative ARIA and AUREA sliding and stackable partition walls in our showroom. Flexibility and versatility are the key concepts behind the design of ARIA and AUREA: the customization possibilities of materials and finishes are numerous.

ARIA sliding walls can be composed with Galvolam® Grid to add elegance and lightness to spaces. Just choose your preferred metallized finish from gold, bronze, copper and graphite. AUREA is the stackable sliding wall that not only adds value to flexible space, but also combines harmonious aesthetics with exceptional versatility. Choose Madras® glass to provide the privacy you are looking for when dividing your space.

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