Galvolux, which is active today in the interior design and building sector, was founded in 1900 as a "manufacturer of mirrors". It has evolved over the years and today it has become one of the predominant companies as far as consultancy and the distribution of high-quality materials and innovative solutions are concerned.

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27 March 2018
D&B Rating Certificate

D&B Rating Certificate

The rating Certificate is the Economy seal of quality and stands for reliability and stability, only two per cent of the Swiss enterprises meet its conditions.

Top rating Companies are characterized from financial stability and highest or high creditworthiness (regardless of enterprise size).

This price confirms GALVOLUX SA as a trustworthy and attractive business partner, with a stable business situation and a very good payment completion rate.

27 July 2017
New Galvodeco Configurator

New Galvodeco Configurator

Galvolux is happy to introduce to his customers a new Tool for the configuration of images.

The new Galvodeco configurator allows the customer to choose and adapt, according to his wishes, the image he wants to reproduce on the glass through the Galvodeco print technique.

In addition to the possibility to select and customize images from the Galvodeco collection, the customer can upload his own picture and can directly verify whether the quality is sufficient for the reproduction on glass.

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