Galvolux, which is active today in the interior design and building sector, was founded in 1900 as a "manufacturer of mirrors". It has evolved over the years and today it has become one of the predominant companies as far as consultancy and the distribution of high-quality materials and innovative solutions are concerned.

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19 July 2024
Domes and Skylights Wemalux by Galvolux - Acustico Skylight

Domes and Skylights Wemalux by Galvolux - Acustico Skylight

This skylight, ideal for flat roof applications, is the solution you have been looking for to bring natural light back into less well-lit spaces.

Acustico Skylight, thanks to the possibility of customizing shapes (from square to rectangular and octagonal), will allow you to space out your roof design while guaranteeing optimal thermal and acoustic insulation.

Safety glass gives Acustico skylights effective protection against hail and also provides fall protection. In addition, Acustico skylights can be equipped with automatic ventilation and smoke extraction systems.

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25 June 2024
Decorative films for partition walls

Decorative films for partition walls

For the project in collaboration with Celoria Architects for the new Raiffeisen Colline del Ceresio bank in Savosa, we applied decorative films to the glass partition walls of the bank's conference rooms.

In order to guarantee maximum privacy for the office spaces and conference rooms, it was decided to apply decorative films that replicated the etched effect of frosted glass. This choice allowed the client a complete customisation of the interior spaces.

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