23 May 2024
Automatic door customer care and call-out service

Automatic door customer care and call-out service

Galvolux offers you the security of a 7-day-a-week maintenance and repair service for automatic doors.


Regular Maintenance Hours Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 17:00

Telephone Pick-up Service: Monday - Friday: 17:00 - 22:00

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 08:00 - 22:00


We are ready to respond to fix malfunctions the same day of the report (if received by 17:00) or the next morning at the latest.

16 April 2024
Automation and Security - Raiffeisen Bank Project, Savosa

Automation and Security - Raiffeisen Bank Project, Savosa

This project, overseen by the Celoria Architects studio, involved the installation of various types of Galvolux automatic doors.

  • Two-panel angular sliding interior door - escape route: The angular sliding door is an original entrance, adding value to the beauty and functionality of an entrance, in environments such as banks, where entry and exit flows need to be regulated. 
  • Thermcord external/internal two-leaf linear sliding door - escape route: The Thermocord external access with thermal break profiles is composed of a two-leaf linear sliding door. The bank entrances are designed to create anti-panic spaces: in case of emergencies this type of door, equipped with an escape route/RED system, allows people inside the area to evacuate.
  • Fireproof compartmentalisation door for garage areas: this sliding door in fire class EI30 certified VKF, compartmentalises spaces and defends them in the event of a fire, guaranteeing the safety and orderly evacuation of the people present.

Click here to view the picture gallery.

01 March 2024
Sliding and stackable partition walls for dynamic and flexible spaces.

Sliding and stackable partition walls for dynamic and flexible spaces.

Come and discover the innovative ARIA and AUREA sliding and stackable partition walls in our showroom. Flexibility and versatility are the key concepts behind the design of ARIA and AUREA: the customization possibilities of materials and finishes are numerous.

ARIA sliding walls can be composed with Galvolam® Grid to add elegance and lightness to spaces. Just choose your preferred metallized finish from gold, bronze, copper and graphite. AUREA is the stackable sliding wall that not only adds value to flexible space, but also combines harmonious aesthetics with exceptional versatility. Choose Madras® glass to provide the privacy you are looking for when dividing your space.

Click here to see how Aria and Aurea work:

01 December 2023
Glass showcases and UV bonding – We enhance your products

Glass showcases and UV bonding – We enhance your products

Our UV bonded glass showcases are designed for maximum protection of the objects to be displayed.

The anti-glare glass types offered by Galvolux reduce the light reflection coefficient and increase transparency, improving contrast effects to optimise the presentation of the objects on display.

Bars, Restaurants, Museums, Jewellers, Shops and other commercial contexts are places where showcases play an important role in protecting and enhancing the products or objects on display. Float Extrawhite glass, with its extremely flat surface, allows the objects inside the showcase to be highlighted without creating visual distortion.

The advantages of UV bonding

  • Authenticity: The bonding is invisible to the eye and enhances the aesthetics of the showcase.
  • Functionality: All you need for cleaning is a damp cloth and water without any additional glass cleaner.
  • Versatility: Two different types of bonding for the joints of your showcases.
29 November 2023
Glass solutions for privacy

Glass solutions for privacy

LCD doors and walls - on/off opacity

Opaque LCD doors and walls are perfect for providing privacy and confidentiality during meetings and can be adapted to any type of environment.

The liquid crystal film contained between the two glass plates allows the wall to switch from a transparent to an opaque state for absolute privacy in a single click.

INBOX Sound insulated doors and walls by VetroIN

And if you want to work in complete quietness, VetroIN's INBOX is the right solution for your meeting room or office. This acoustic wall system, available in a wide range of finishes, allows you to personalise your privacy to the maximum!

25 October 2023
Acilux Shine® - 5 product advantages for an innovative kitchen.

Acilux Shine® - 5 product advantages for an innovative kitchen.

1. Scratch- and impact-resistant glass: thanks to the semi-glossy surface and sophisticated processing techniques such as the R5 rounded solid edge, your Acilux Shine® worktop will be much more resistant to knocks or scratches caused by crockery.

2. Easy to clean: grease stains or limescale? Just use the right products and dry thoroughly to maintain the brilliance of Acilux Shine®!

3. Heat-resistant glass: Acilux Shine® tempered glass has high thermal stability and can be used without problem as a back or top covering in the kitchen.

4. Semi-matt glass: Acilux Shine®’s finish reduces reflections, bringing out the colours or printed images of your choice.

5. Customisable: this type of glass can be customised according to your customers’ needs, whether you want a top coated with a digital marble print or a painted splashback.

26 June 2023
New collection of design ribbed glass - Madras® by Galvolux

New collection of design ribbed glass - Madras® by Galvolux

We are pleased to expand our offer of Madras® glasses with four new decors. They are also available on request on Extrawhite glass and can also be used on coloured glass 

Their particularity is based on the rigidity of the pattern, which is characterised by stripes of different sizes, distances and thicknesses, chemically opacified. 

The type of finish, partially matted, allows light to pass through, but also maintains privacy thanks to the opacity provided by the satin finish. They are therefore an ideal product for applications such as doors, partitions or shower walls.

Possible applications:

  • Doors
  • Walls
  • Glass partitions
  • Sliding doors
  • Walk-in wardrobes
  • Shower enclosures
  • Furniture coverings
21 June 2023
News Ticino – l’illuminazione naturale funzionale e di alto livello

News Ticino – l’illuminazione naturale funzionale e di alto livello

Scegliendo di installare le cupole o bande luminose si decide di migliorare notevolmente il rapporto e la vivibilità con uno spazio interno.

Galvolux mette a disposizione diverse scelte per soddisfare ogni esigenza. Cupole arrotondate, ottagonali, piramidali, acustiche, opache sono solo alcuni dei modelli tra i quali poter scegliere.

Grazie all’installazione di uno o più di questi prodotti si apre la possibilità di illuminare aree centrali di uffici, altrimenti costrette alla luce artificiale, offrendo un’illuminazione superiore rispetto alle comuni finestre.

Oltre alla consulenza tecnica forniamo:

  • Su richiesta l’installazione del prodotto
  • Manutenzione regolare
08 March 2023
Galvoboard-Led: the functional design choice

Galvoboard-Led: the functional design choice

Lack of space in the kitchen is always a problem, this is why you should all have Galvoboard-Led® in your home!

Organise your kitchen tools with magnetic accessories and use the vertical surface of the splashback to create more free space on the top.

With the possibility of writing directly on the glass surface and illuminating the backrest, Galvoboard-Led combines three products in one, guaranteeing convenience and versatility.

15 December 2022
Functional products, interactive experiences and quality for your kitchen

Functional products, interactive experiences and quality for your kitchen

Our furniture glasses can be installed in many environments, from kitchen to bathroom, from home to office.

Due to their easy-to-clean and durable characteristics, they are perfect for use as kitchen splashbacks, worktops, furniture coverings or even used as cutting boards!

On 8 and 9 February 2023, the Tag der Küchen Neuheiten trade fair, one of the most important in the kitchen sector, will take place in Safenwill (AG).

We will also be present with three of the latest trend products.

To demonstrate the quality and functionality of our products, it will be possible for trade fair participants to come to our stand and try them out for themselves! 

We look forward to seeing you at stand 40!

27 October 2022
News Ticino - cupole e lucernari per le vostre esigenze di illuminazione

News Ticino - cupole e lucernari per le vostre esigenze di illuminazione

Sia in ambienti privati che pubblici, la luce è essenziale per garantire funzionalità e benessere. Per soddisfare questa necessità abbiamo deciso di inserire all’interno del nostro catalogo prodotti le cupole e i lucernari Wemalux, di cui da oggi siamo rivenditori ufficiali. 

Le cupole e i lucernari sono un ottimo modo per far entrare luce naturale e allo stesso tempo mantenere un'ottima efficienza energetica.

In questo modo si ha un duplice vantaggio: 

  • Il primo, più qualitativo: avere sempre un ambiente con luce naturale migliora notevolmente il comfort abitativo degli spazi.
  • Il secondo, più economico: una costante illuminazione naturale permette di ridurre il consumo di luce artificiale con un conseguente risparmio energetico.

Per avere un preventivo o per altre richieste potete contattare il nostro ufficio, operante in tutto il Ticino, qui. Saremo felici di potervi consigliare la soluzione più adatta alle vostre esigenze. 

25 October 2022
News Ticino - Edilespo 2022: manca meno di un mese all’evento sull’edilizia Ticinese

News Ticino - Edilespo 2022: manca meno di un mese all’evento sull’edilizia Ticinese

Dal 16 al 18 novembre 2022 si terrà presso il centro esposizioni Lugano la fiera Edilespo: anche Galvolux sarà presente con un nuovo stand!

Come già anticipato questo fine novembre si terrà presso il Centro Esposizioni Lugano la fiera Edilespo dedicata all’esposizione di prodotti edili e soluzioni innovative per garantire il massimo comfort abitativo e il risparmio energetico.

Le tematiche principali della fiera sono riferite a questi 9 ambiti specifici (fonte: sito ufficiale Edilespo):

  • Edilizia
  • Sicurezza
  • Legno
  • Involucro e serramenti
  • Digital – Domotica – Led lights
  • Indoor – Outdoor solutions
  • Impiantistica
  • Immobiliare
  • Expo mobilitiy

Sarà sicuramente una bella occasione per fare networking e aggiornarsi sulle ultime novità e tecnologie, soprattutto dopo questi due anni di assenza di eventi.

Noi siamo felici di comunicare la nostra partecipazione alla fiera con un nuovo stand ideato proprio per fornire e mostrare soluzioni di materiali innovativi e proiettati alla massima semplificazione dei lavori in casa, soprattutto nell’ambito della cucina e del living.

Potete trovarci allo stand n. 318, vi aspettiamo volentieri!

Per scoprire più dettagli sul concept dello stand potete leggere l’articolo completo sul nostro profilo LinkedIn dove troverete anteprime dei prodotti utilizzati

Vi aspettiamo in fiera!



07 August 2022
The versatility of Acilux Shine glass

The versatility of Acilux Shine glass

Acilux Shine

The glasses in the Acilux Shine collection can be ordered as a simple clear glass sheet for a variety of uses, but very often are carried different types of processing out to change the appearance of the final glass.


Acilux shine is the perfect combination of a glossy clear glass and an satined glass

This glass is available in Extrawhite quality to soften the typical green tint of glass.

It maintains the brilliance of clear glass but also the opacity of a satined glass. In this way, the typical reflectivity of glass is eliminated, making the surface slightly opaque but still glossy. 


Applications and processing

Acilux Shine is particularly suitable for digital printing as it softens the typical reflection of glass in the light and allows for the best visualisation of the quality of the printed images. 

Acilux Shine is also often used in combination with the G-Laser surface lasing technique.

The areas of Acilux Shine uses are many: from kitchen tops and splashbacks to bathroom wall coverings or simply as glass tables and furnishing elements.

The light satin finish of Acilux Shine makes it particularly elegant for glass doors and walls for the interior decoration of living spaces and offices.



Acilux Shine glass is particularly scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

15 March 2022
Galvolam® Grid - laminated glass with metallized finishes

Galvolam® Grid - laminated glass with metallized finishes

Galvolam® Grid expands its collection with the new metallized nets in texture 55 and 45: the metallized micro nets in texture 55 combined with glass are usually used for kitchen splashbacks and furniture, while for doors and partition walls the texture 45 gives the right effect of transparency and brightness sought after. 

Colours and features 

The nets are available in five different metallisations: gold, silver, bronze, copper and graphite. The weight of the nets is three times less than that of the metal. 

It can consist of two or more glass plates bonded with safety films, which in case of breakage keep the glass fragments.

04 May 2021
Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

The main aim of “Safety First” products of Galvolux is to protect the health and safety of the consumers. The products from the “Safety First” line correspond to the latest national and international certifications that regulate the sales and use of glass products in indoor areas.

Bathrooms are often relatively small and can therefore bear risks of different kinds. In order to avoid possible injury in case of glass breakage, Galvolux recommends the exclusive use of safety glass for bathroom furnishings and showers.

With the line Safety First by Galvolux safety is guaranteed!

GSD (Galvolam Safety Doublemirror) -  Doublemirror for bathroom
People are exposed to many risks in private households, especially in the bathroom. When glass breaks it usually shatters into sharp fragments of various sizes that can lead to injuries.

The GSD (Galvolam Safety Doublemirror) safety mirrors from Galvolux comply with the regulations for laminated safety glass and are designed in such a way that the
scattering of sharp fragments is largely avoided. In addition, the durability of the mirror is guaranteed. The GSD mirrors are produced entirely in the factory in Bioggio (Switzerland).

27 April 2021
Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

QSD (Quality Safety Doublemirror) means innovation and safety for your bathroom. The QSD mirrors consist of two mirrors, which are bonded together using a patented process and meet the requirements of the international standard EN 14449 Annex C2 for laminated safety glass (LSG).

Due to this special construction, which prevents the strewing of glass shards in the case of glass breakage, this mirror has passed the most diverse resistance tests and represents the perfect combination of technology, safety, functionality and aesthetics.

The QSD mirrors are protected by an international patent and are manufactured entirely in the factory in Bioggio (Switzerland).

22 April 2021
Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

TSM (Tempered Safety Mirror)

The TSM mirror from Galvolux is more than just a decorative item of furniture. This mirror is characterised by the fact that the silver layer is only applied to all or part of the surface after tempering. The product thus conforms to all requirements of the norm EN 12150-1 standard for toughened safety glass (TSG) and is suitable for use in all indoor areas in private households as well as in commercial rooms. TSM is available with coloured or extra-white float glass.

On request, the “Elite Plus” version with reinforced edges is also available; it guarantees better resistance to corrosion.

The TSM mirrors are produced entirely in the factory in Bioggio (Switzerland). Also available with safety film on the back. 

12 April 2021
News Ticino - Controllo Solare e Sicurezza al massimo

News Ticino - Controllo Solare e Sicurezza al massimo

Le Pellicole 3M per il controllo solare sono la soluzione ecologica ed elegante che permette di migliorare le caratteristiche di vetrate e finestre senza sostituirle e offrono il migliore equilibrio tra trasmissione massima della luce e respingimento del calore. Riducono in modo significativo il calore lasciando inalterato l'aspetto della vetrata.

Gli indiscussi vantaggi delle pellicole 3M per il controllo solare:

- Proteggono dal calore elevato, contribuendo a rendere l'ambiente più confortevole
- Riducono l'abbagliamento
- Proteggono dai raggi UV che causano lo scolorimento degli arredi
- Respingono i raggi infrarossi del sole contribuendo al risparmio energetico

Pellicole di sicurezza 3M, proteggono le persone e i beni

Le pellicole di sicurezza 3M creano uno scudo protettivo trasparente sulle vetrate limitando l'esposizione a schegge di vetro in caso di rottura accidentale.

Le pellicole di sicurezza 3M offrono una maggior protezione contro effrazioni e atti vandalici.

Gli indiscussi vantaggi delle pellicole di sicurezza 3M:
- Aumentano la sicurezza delle persone limitando l'esposizione alle schegge di vetro in caso di rottura accidentale
- Aumentano la sicurezza ed offrono una maggiore protezione contro le effrazioni e atti vandalici
- Rimangono altamente trasparenti per applicazioni quasi invisibili


09 February 2021
Color of the year

Color of the year

Galvolux keeping up with the times, we present our new colors based on the Pantone trend of the year. PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, a combination of two independent colors designed to show that different elements come together to support each other.

"The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted, this is essential to the human spirit.”

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute.

06 September 2020
News Ticino - Slide Glass by Galvolux

News Ticino - Slide Glass by Galvolux

“Godersi una magnifica vista, al riparo da vento e intemperie”

L’innovativo, elegante e pratico parapetto frangivento Slide Glass, sviluppato e prodotto in Svizzera, protegge dal vento e dalle cadute ai sensi della norma SIA 358, garantisce la privacy, mantiene la vista ed è pertanto ideale per terrazze e luoghi di aggregazione.

Grazie ad un meccanismo di sollevamento di facile utilizzo manuale e non elettrico, il paravento in vetro di profondità 20 cm si trasforma velocemente da parapetto in paravento e viceversa.

Il colore della base d’appoggio e dei montanti è personalizzabile ed essendo in alluminio sono resistenti alla corrosione. 

19 April 2020
The CleanShower® quality is now also available on Acilux®

The CleanShower® quality is now also available on Acilux®

No more opaque and corroded glasses in the shower cabin just a few years after installation!

With Galvolux CleanShower® your shower will always be as transparent and clean as the first day.

Thanks to the protective barrier provided by a special permanent treatment, Galvolux CleanShower® does not get corroded by the humidity and the glass remains clean and well transparent for many years ahead.

The new glass collection CleanShower® by Galvolux is available on Floatlux® and Acilux® extrawhite.

15 March 2020
Acilux® Shine extrawhite with

Acilux® Shine extrawhite with "Trend Colors" and "Pietre e Marmi" collections

Thanks to its unique characteristics of transparency and silkiness, Acilux® Shine Extrawhite glass intensifies the brilliance of colors and maintains its beauty over time.

Among the many possibilities of decoration, there is the new “Trend Colors” collection, with 20 attractive colors for kitchen furniture and interior decoration, available in enameled or lacquered versions, and the Galvodeco® “Pietre e Marmi” collection, with which a high and realistic image quality is achieved in the reproduction on glass of the most precious marble and stone slabs usually used in the furnishing of private and commercial spaces.

18 November 2019

"Salon de la Photo" in Genève

The new and sophisticated digital printing techniques on glass  Galvodeco® by Galvolux were presented last weekend at the “Salon de la Photo" in Genève with great success.

A large number of professional and amateur photographers, as well as people interested in the world of photography had the opportunity to experience at first hand the beauty of the new Galvolux glass collections Acilux Shine extrawhite and Floatlux extrawhite.

Images in a very high photo quality were selected by professional photographers, proposed on glass, color and black and white, with opaque surfaces for interior design applications, and translucent for backlighted surfaces.

31 October 2019
Galvoboard ® & Galvoboard ® H

Galvoboard ® & Galvoboard ® H

Galvoboard® by Galvolux is a magnetic glass panel that meets your creative furnishing needs, whether you are planning an office, a conference room, a restaurant, a kitchen or simply a children's area. The glass surface can be 100% personalized and, thanks to the hardening process, complies with the safety glass standards. Select the shape, dimensions, color or file to be printed. Galvoboard® is a product with which you can permanently guarantee your individual design.

In the hanging version Galvoboard® H is available with fittings for wall mounting.

23 October 2019
Pietre e Marmi Galvodeco® Collection

Pietre e Marmi Galvodeco® Collection

The Galvodeco® by Galvolux processing technique enables a high and realistic image quality in the reproduction on glass of the finest marbles and stone slabs, which are normally used in the furnishing of private and business premises. The decors of the collection can be realized on a glossy Floatlux® or on a semi-glossy Acilux® Shine finish. For a better rendering of the decors, we recommend the use of extrawhite glass.

17 September 2019


Finally, the glass for your shower!

No more opaque and corroded glass in the shower already a few years after installation! With GALVOLUX CleanShower® your shower will always be as bright and comfortable as on the first day.

GALVOLUX CleanShower® is the perfect glass for humid environments as it retains its exceptional transparency and lime resistance over time.

The special and durable treatment of the GALVOLUX CleanShower® glass guarantees an exceptional, constant and long-lasting resistance to corrosion and limescale deposits. In particular, the transparency of GALVOLUX CleanShower® in its extrawhite version is far superior to all other corrosion-resistant glass products available on the market

23 July 2019
Galvolux Trend Colors

Galvolux Trend Colors

The 20 new colors of this exclusive collection have been created according to the latest market trends and have been specially selected for kitchen furniture and interior decoration.

They are available in enameled and lacquered finish on Floatlux®, Acilux® and Acilux® Shine glass available.

For a better color reproduction, we recommend the use of extrawhite glass.

11 June 2019
Showcases and UV adhesive bonding

Showcases and UV adhesive bonding

Galvolux Showcases in single sheet or laminated glass, with or without aluminium profiles, wherever there’s something to exhibit, highlight, and protect. Galvolux guarantees the most suitable solution for all technical, aesthetic and security requirements, in commercial environments or museums.

The anti-glare glass types proposed by Galvolux reduce the light reflection coefficient and increase transparency, improving contrast effects to optimize the presentation of the displayed object.

Ultraviolet adhesive bonding make it possible to obtain invisible joints with a high level of mechanical strength.

06 March 2019
Acilux Shine® - Design and Transparency

Acilux Shine® - Design and Transparency

Thanks to our continuous research and development, we are pleased to present to you an innovative surface that is visually very attractive and has outstanding functional properties:

Acilux® Shine!

This silky gloss surface expands the range of Acilux® and Acilux® no-scratch glass covers and back panels and is particularly suitable for printed and coated Galvodeco® surfaces with brilliant colours. Thanks to its unique transparency and suppleness, its beauty will last a lifetime, is easy to care for and an excellent choice to add a touch of class and shine to your kitchen.

05 March 2019
Galvolux Double Mirror Plates

Galvolux Double Mirror Plates

Use the advantages of Galvolux quality for the realization of your double mirrors!

Thanks to a sophisticated technology, the two 3 mm mirrors are joined together with a special adhesive and a good tightness standard is thus guaranteed. Since they are not laminated with PVB or EVA film, they are easy to cut and process.

- Fast delivery from Galvolux warehouse.

- Also available as single piece.

- On request mirror in extra white, for better color reflection and also available in bronze or grey.

- It can be combined in the following mirror variants: mirror-mirror / mirror-etched mirror / mirror-Lacobel / mirror-Galvodeco / mirror-Acilux decor white.

- Size: 650 mm x 1800 mm.

Do you need a double mirror with hinges? We supply double mirrors with innovative Galvolux GS 3000 Soft hinges, available with or without integrated damper and LGA certified.

28 August 2018
Update Compusoft Winner Design

Update Compusoft Winner Design

Planning with the new Galvolux finishes for worktop and wall covering!

Galvolux is pleased to inform its customers that the range with the new 2018 products has been updated on Compusoft Winner Design.

Winner Design is a simple tool designed specifically for kitchen resellers, which allows you to quickly create detailed drawings and quotes.

25 June 2018
Save the date - Designers' Saturday 2018

Save the date - Designers' Saturday 2018

Galvolux will take part in the famous Langenthal design event from 3rd to 4th November 2018.

Galvolux exhibition concept aims to explore the decorative synergies between glass and light that arise in a relaxing wellness environment with shower, bathtub and sauna.

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