Hinge GS 3000 Soft

A 125┬░ hinge for mirror doors with integral Soft-close damper and tool-free installation.

Galvolux offers the perfect mechanism for almost all glass applications: the GS 3000 Soft hinge. This product is ideal for many uses in bathroom and indoor furnishing.

The damping system integrated in the GS 3000 Soft hinge, with Tiomos technology, slows the motion of glass doors gently and closes them easily and noiselessly.

As well as its many functional features and timeless, uniquely styled design, the GS 3000 Soft hinge is also exceptionally convenient. The action of the Soft-close damper is adapted to individual requirements by just turning the lever.

The hinge is available with damper (GS 3000 Soft) or without damper (GS 3000).

Field of application:

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