Decorative, fire-resistant, thermal insulating security doors

Our indoor automatic sliding doors enable a wide range of customisation in both appearance and functions. They can be decorated with a vast assortment of motifs to fit perfectly into any context or design scheme. They can also be designed for anti-intrusion and fire barrier functions, providing a high level of protection and security with all the convenience of a conventional automatic door.

Automatic security doors

All critical forced entry points are reinforced to guarantee the highest degree of security.

Features include:

  • Security glass with shatterproof characteristics
  • Mechanism modified with anti-lift guard
  • Structural reinforcement of side leaves, hinged leaves and closing edges

Automatic fire doors

Ideal products for high-risk areas: single or double doors with enhanced fire resistance, flush-fitting, with or without side panels.

Field of application:

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Shatterproof door

Thermcord 3.0

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