QSD, GSD, TSM Safety mirrors

In recent years safety regulations governing the use of glass products in construction and interiors have become stricter, to prevent and avoid potential injury risks.

The main aim of “Safety First by Galvolux” products is to protect the health and safety of consumers.

Safety First range glass and mirrors comply with the latest national and international certifications which regulate the sale and use of indoor glass products.

Galvolux recommends the use of safety glass at all times for furniture and showers, to prevent possible personal injury if the glass breaks.

All glass used in the “Safety First Mirrors” range is safety certified:

  • GSD – Galvolam Safety Doublemirror
  • QSD – Quality Safety Doublemirror
  • TSM – Tempered Safety Mirror


GSD complies with the EN 14449 product standard

QSD complies with the EN 14449 product standard

TSM is manufactured in accordance with the EN 12150 product standard

Field of application:


Galvolux GSD - QSD - TSM mirrors have guaranteed durability, require no particular maintenance and are as perfect as a traditional mirror.

Currently, no Galvolux competitor has developed products equivalent to QSD.

QSD is an internationally patented and registered technology and therefore cannot be copied by other double mirror manufacturers.

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