Decorated, backlighting and laser-engraved glass

Decorated glass

Galvodeco® is glass decorated by digital printing, a technique that enables magical visual effects and considerably extends the potential uses of glass in interior architecture. Images, patterns or just decorations can be printed straight onto the glass. As well as printing, partial mirror-silvering can be applied and/or specific areas of the decoration can be emphasised with backlighting. What’s more, unique textures can be created by combining glass with prints and decors.

Backlighting glass

Galvoled® and Galvoled-T® are finished panels, of respectively 30 mm and 16 mm thickness, that combine Galvopan® high quality acrylic panel with the latest glass processing techniques, guaranteed by Galvolux. With their multiple customisation potentials, Galvolux backlit panels are used, with extreme creativity, by architects and interior designers for numerous applications, in all rooms of the home and for hotel and commercial fit-out solutions.

Laser-engraved glass

Galvolux’s state-of-the-art G-Laser® engraving technique allows the high-resolution reproduction of lines and images on or inside the glass (also in three dimensions). Combined with other glass finishing techniques, engraving offers a vast array of decorative solutions. What’s more, with a specific surface engraving glass stairs and floors can be given an anti-slip finish. Glass with internal engraving and LED lighting is able to create incredible effects and unique moods.

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