Galvolux, which is active today in the interior design and building sector, was founded in 1900 as a "manufacturer of mirrors". It has evolved over the years and today it has become one of the predominant companies as far as consultancy and the distribution of high-quality materials and innovative solutions are concerned.

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05 May 2021
Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

The main aim of “Safety First” products of Galvolux is to protect the health and safety of the consumers. The products from the “Safety First” line correspond to the latest national and international certifications that regulate the sales and use of glass products in indoor areas.

Bathrooms are often relatively small and can therefore bear risks of different kinds. In order to avoid possible injury in case of glass breakage, Galvolux recommends the exclusive use of safety glass for bathroom furnishings and showers.

With the line Safety First by Galvolux safety is guaranteed!

GSD (Galvolam Safety Doublemirror) -  Doublemirror for bathroom
People are exposed to many risks in private households, especially in the bathroom. When glass breaks it usually shatters into sharp fragments of various sizes that can lead to injuries.

The GSD (Galvolam Safety Doublemirror) safety mirrors from Galvolux comply with the regulations for laminated safety glass and are designed in such a way that the
scattering of sharp fragments is largely avoided. In addition, the durability of the mirror is guaranteed. The GSD mirrors are produced entirely in the factory in Bioggio (Switzerland).

28 April 2021
Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

Sustenibility and Safety - The new Safety Mirror generation

QSD (Quality Safety Doublemirror) means innovation and safety for your bathroom. The QSD mirrors consist of two mirrors, which are bonded together using a patented process and meet the requirements of the international standard EN 14449 Annex C2 for laminated safety glass (LSG).

Due to this special construction, which prevents the strewing of glass shards in the case of glass breakage, this mirror has passed the most diverse resistance tests and represents the perfect combination of technology, safety, functionality and aesthetics.

The QSD mirrors are protected by an international patent and are manufactured entirely in the factory in Bioggio (Switzerland).

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